Adam Watkins, Sales Associate, REALTOR®

Meet your all-around home expert and outdoorsman, Adam Watkins.

Adam may look young, but most of his clients are “happily mistaken” when it comes to judging a book by its cover. Adam's background in construction, landscaping, and hardscaping give him a definite advantage. “I know the ins and outs, beyond just the cosmetic stuff,” Adam says. It’s a unique skill - “knowing on the face of it whether a house will stand the test of time.” Adam loves bringing that value to his clients. “I’ve appreciated every single one of my clients,” he says, “They’ve all posed different challenges in what they want and their situations - it’s been a good experience with all of them.”

Adam is a strong believer in personal growth. He believes that “no one will ever find their limit if they seek it.” If you continue to push forward with determination, you will only find yourself growing more and more capable. Adam is also a lot like his father. “It’s scary how similar I am to him in most situations: our mannerisms, our actions, our business sense,” he says. The only difference, Adam jests, is that his father has blue eyes and he has brown.

After having a difficult experience with his first real estate company, Adam has found a happy home at The Bob and Ronna Group. When asked what he likes best about working there, Adam says: “Everything! They’re straightforward, honest, and willing to help you learn and grow as an agent,” he says. Bob and Ronna already have all the necessary tools in place, and there’s nothing they won’t help with. “They’re there for you 100%,” Adam says.

In his spare time, Adam enjoys the great outdoors in all its forms. While he doesn’t have a pet himself, Adam is a dog-lover at heart, so working in an office with so many four-legged visitors is a bonus. “There are definitely regulars,” he concedes, “I love that.”